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actually saw part of the shooting happened and is the one that gave us access to that exclusive video. he said that he took it moments after a man that was pulled over opened fire on an officer and was then killed himself. in this exclusive video you can see the highway patrol officer that has just shot an armed man, scrambling to his car to get help, what comes next is to graphic to show on television. the suspect who has just been shot, slumped over the wheel inside of the jeep and a second highway patrol officer, down on the roadside, shot by the suspect. >> the driver pulled out a gun and shot at that officer, and then a second officer discharged his weapon. >> i heard the shots and that is when i looked around and i saw the cop shooting at the jeep. >> he recorded this video on his cell phone, and learned later that the man in the jeep had just opened fire on one highway patrol officer. he watched as the second officer
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approached, gun drawn. >> the guy that was in the cheaper, as soon as he shot the guy in the jeep, he ran to the police car and i guess he called for backup. >> he says the officer fired into the jeep 10 times, the suspect, we now know, has died and officer that was shot is in critical condition with severe injuries, leaving authorities to sort out the rest. >> we have dashboard camera video to analyze. >> the crime scene is massive, it shut down 684 hours and caused backups as cars were diverted to highway 24 as authorities combed over every possible piece of evidence. they may now also want to analyze this video, a chilling glimpse into the frantic moments after one officer was shot and another sprang into action. and again, 680, still some
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delays as spillane's are still closed but police have not identified either the suspects or the police officer at this time, still waiting for that information. >> we continue team coverage with ken bastida, what can you tell us about the injured officer? >> well, he is still listed in critical condition officially. and his identity is still being withheld so that all of his family can be notified at this point. we want to show you what we shot 25 minutes ago, there were to chp motorcycles escorting to chp patrol cruisers that came into the emergency entrance just a short time ago. it looks like a number of family members were getting out and going in and that has been the pattern all day today. the chp tells us that this particular officer has been with the force for five years and has a big family, and extended family. over 100 law enforcement officers have been coming by, many of them still here tonight
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standing by. this has been, as you can imagine, a very emotional and difficult day for the chp and, according to the chp, for the public as well. >> we do appreciate all the calls of concern from the public. the media, and every family and friend that have poured their concern towards us. we thank you very much. it is not just hit us but it hits the public as well, we're there to provide a service to you and it is not just us, it is everyone. i have known him for a short time, and that's the way, his family will be in our prayers and thoughts, we just need to stay focused on that and take care of each other. >> a police officer, all the way for a while but love the areas so much and came back to keep working here. when i asked her if there was anything that the public could do at this point, she said one
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word to me " pray ". back to you. >> thanks. let's go back to the shooting scene now where joe vasquez has more information on the suspect's vehicle, that jeep. >> he was talking about how difficult it is for the officers, praying for their colleague, it was difficult as well because a lot of them had to participate in an investigation that shut down a highway for most of the day. the investigation took them to the far reaches of the east bay. let me show you video, one major focus was the jeep, in fact we found the address of the jeep, and belong to a day point address and i spoke to a man that turned out to be the previous owner of the jeep, the last owner of the jeep on public record and he told me that his cheek was towed a week and half ago and he could not afford the towing fees of the towing company kept it, investigators have not release any information on the driver of that jeep that was shot by police and also in a
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separate situation, for a brief moment chp release information on another vehicle, they sent out a bulletin to all area police departments to be on the lookout for a black nissan maxima. they said that it might have been involved in the shooting and the bulletin called the driver of that vehicle suspects but i spoke to family members of daisy garcia in oakland and it to me that was not the case. >> i'm partitive that they're not involved in that, they're both at work. she has been at work all day. i know that they have nothing to do with it. >> in fact, her car was recovered in danville, and police investigators spoke to her at work and what they discovered was that she was the last person stopped by that same chp officer before this incident happened and they were still trying to figure out whether there was some kind of correlation between that last stop and the one that ended up in a shootout. what they have decided at the end of the day is that after speaking to daisy and other witnesses, that they had no
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relation. she is completely cleared and not a suspect. and now the focus is back on the man that was shot by a police officer. >> a quick question, kristin pointed out that the first officer, the officer that was shot and wounded, his patrol car was in front of that jeep which is not standard operating procedure. anyone at the scene able to shed any light on that for us? >> we spoke to a police expert, it is not standard operating procedure. usually the police car is behind the suspects' vehicle people we're told by the experts that it does happen sometimes, given the traffic flow patterns and what have you, the officer might stop in front of the car. you know, the bottom line tonight, reporters asked why a was the situation, because it is so weird to see the car in front of a car that is stopped and it would not go there, they're not talking about that right now. suffice to say that it is not unheard of, just not the usual pattern. >> checking back on the traffic
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gridlock caused by the shooting, chopper 5 over interstate 680. just south of highway 24. four of the five southbound lanes are back open, helping ease the backed up a little bit. sheriffs department expects the far right wing to reopen soon. for the latest on the shooting log onto or you can see more of our exclusive video from the moments after the shooting and we will hear again from christin ayers, coming up in the next half-hour. >> new details about the deadly police shooting in vallejo on sunday, detectives confirmed that the parole he shot and killed is a gang member, suspected in another shooting back in 2008. police also released this photograph of the stake gone that the suspect drew from his waistband before police shot him. compare the replica to this, an authentic firearm. please release these pictures to justify the use of deadly force after critics called blair holt
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officers " trigger happy ". >> a 20 year-old killed in a shooting in hayward, sheriff's deputies found his body last night near 880. no rest and the motive is unclear. >> clean up in oakland following a weekend vandalism spree, the reason for the destruction? police said that protesters were upset at the city's gay pride festival charging admission on sunday. >> city of berkeley cracking down on the abuse of disabled parking placards. today parking enforcement officers could start citing drivers for illegally using those placards to park for free, before them only police officers could hand out the citations. >> good news about a firefighter that suffered a heart attack on the job last week, the 41 year- old oh no from a coma today, but len ramirez is here with whom he immediately started asking for. >> we camped out here for five
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nights, sleeping in the i c u. >> an around-the-clock vigil for a firefighter, by firefighters at the regional medical center in san jose also known as camp francis. they have been here delivering food and sleeping on cots ever since one of their own, francis ryan, collapsed while fighting a fire. now after days of uncertainty, they finally woke up to some good news. >> they said that frank was calling my name and one in a room right now. and i went in there, and there he was, i dihe did not quite knw what was going on but he is the same old frank, just like he always was. >> he is ryan's best friend. >> i started crying and walked out of the room and told the nurse " he is back ". >> still in critical condition, as long as he remains in the i c u but we anticipate that within a few days he may be moved to a regular hospital room. >> he suffered a heart attack,
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loaded down with your with adrenaline pumping and facing extreme heat, he fell nearly at the seed of this well-trained fire and paramedics that saved his life. >> on that day san jose fire needed those paramedics and the firefighters to take care of one of their own. >> he will likely have a long recovery and his return to the department will be determined by doctors. in the meantime the investigation into how the fire started has been stalled by dangerous conditions, the gutted church is in danger of collapse but not considered a suspicious fire. >> bay area police say that is a scheme caught on camera, the scam and the victim's great upon. >> finally, good news for the automobile industry, the signs that bay area car sales are rebounding. >> temperatures rebounding throughout the bay area today, in an spots once again in the '90s, the bay comfortably in the '70s. the marine layer thickening. to weather changes and one will
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only intact a few of you but one will get all of us as soon as tomorrow. there is,,,,,,,,,,,,
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wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> a group of hacker says that the fbi access the information for millions of users. it posted online what they claim are the device identification numbers of more than 1 million iphone and ipad and they say that is just part of the more than 12 million identities that they got from a laptop of an fbi agent. as of this afternoon there has been no independent verification that these claims are true and in a statement the fbi says that at this time there's no evidence indicating that an fbi laptop was compromised or that the fbi either sought or obtained this data.
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apple also story speculation about the iphone 5. the company invited the media to a news conference next week in san francisco. the invitation shows a big 12 for september 12th, casting a shadow in the case of shape of " 5 ". they say that it will have a bigger screen and the ability to access better networks. >> stocks of netflix fell about 10% after a amazon announced a licensing deal with a cable channel. they used to be an exclusive partner with netflix but that agreement just expired. they are owned by viacom and owns the digital rights to many movies by paramount and landscaped. this deal will add 2000 movie titles to their streaming service this year. >> automobiles sales were
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the best in five years last month. here is what may be behind the surge of those sales. >> the city of vallejo knows all about tough times, but look to the automobile mall and the picture changes, no one wants to say too loudly but things may be turning around. >> july and august were exceptional months for us, 50 percent better than last year. >> sales up 15%. we have seen many more customers in the showroom. >> if you years ago car dealerships were closing down and customers were holding onto their money. >> we were losing our homes and not thinking about getting into a vehicle so we rode that one vehicle until it had over 100,000 mi. on it. >> now, across the country, customers are coming back. nationally the automobile industry is reporting double- digit sales increases from one year go. good deals on financing are convincing buyers to replace their old cars and dealerships that have survived are being more prudent, cutting costs and
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maintaining a smaller workforce. it seems that everyone is being more responsible with their money. >> do you feel like to have weathered a storm? >> i think that everyone does and i think that it will make us better because we will be more cautious in everything we do. >> i feel like we have weathered the storm, yes and that feels pretty good. >> dealers say that a sales increase could mean a job increase and that is a good deal for everyone. >> this week we get to introduce the newest mather highmember ofe weather team, paul deanno, shall we of thunderstorms in the forecast, and you are from seattle? coincidence? >> i did not remove the storms with me, but yes, it is rare, we have a chance of rain and thunderstorms. most of you will stay dry but do you see this beautiful picture as will look like over the state? it will not look the same
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tomorrow, we will see an increase and cloud cover, that is the change for all of us, some of you will see a few showers tomorrow and we have the strongest rate are in town. check-in this time tomorrow just to make sure there is not a thunderstorm headed your way. right now we are crystal clear on the radar. that is mt. diablo, we have temperatures running mild but not as mild as they were 24 hours ago. oakland, 69, 79 in fremont and conquered 84. that is warm but yesterday there were in the '90s. san jose 71 and right in downtown san francisco it is only 50 degrees. we have a baseball game tonight, a 4.5 game lead, the giants and the diamondbacks but first pitch 7:15 p.m., breezy and pleasant at the ballpark, 62 degrees your first pitch temperature. lots of tropical moisture to the south, that is not uncommon but what is on a common is that the tropical moisture is working its way north, it will be here as
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soon as tomorrow. we will all get a cloud cover but some of us may get sub tropical moisture and get a thunderstorm or two. widespread thunderstorms for southeastern california, and in phoenix arizona. for us just a little bit of tropical moisture moving up, giving us widespread cloud cover. check out the futurecast, as soon as 11:00 a.m. tomorrow we have clouds moving up through the south bay into the monterey peninsula and we will keep the clouds around for the evening and the night and even into thursday we will be mainly clouded with a slight chance of a thunderstorm with the more widespread change being the cloud cover that increases as soon as lunchtime tomorrow. tonight the marine layer is moving in, foggy along the bay, everyone gets the clouds much more afternoon and then a slight chance of a thunderstorm late tomorrow and another chance coming up late on thursday, highs tomorrow mild but not as mild as the past couple of days. redwood city 78 in san fransisco topping out at 65.
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low '80s for santa rosa and senate fell. staying cloudy on thursday with a slight chance of a thunderstorm and and moister moves out and good timing by mother nature because we will have a beautiful weekend coming up with highs around 90 inland and low to mid 70's for the day, the coastal state cloudy for the next several days but all in all, pleasant but with a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. >> coming up on the consumer watch, the economy is uncertain some retailers are taking acti,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> in tonights consumer watch, as the political conventions wrap up this week, fund raising and pulling are in full swing. >> julie watts warns that so are the political scams.
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>> it is true, according to the better business bureau the prime season for politics can also be the prime season for scams like fake fund-raising calls that sound legitimate. to donate money your best bet is to actually contact the campaign yourself. be aware of voter surveys or poles that promised a free vacation, you may be asked for a credit card to cover fees for a trip that you will never get. and watch out for scammers offering to verify your voter registration using your social security number. you can easily check eligibility online with just your address in birthday. for a link head to cbs sf .com/consumer watch. it has long been illegal to charge an up-front fee with help for a loan modification but we have discovered that many companies are doing that, the california department of real estate says that loan modification company are skirting the law by doing a minimal amount of work before they charge the fee and then never actually completing the deal. always use a nonprofit housing council agency and never pay up
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front. and, finally, it is only september but with an uncertain economic outlook, toys r us is already gearing up for the holidays, they have announced free life for most items through the end of october. the tauruthe toy store will waie the fee, and last month wal-mart said it would extend their life away program, last year more than 40 percent of shoppers plan to use later in the shopping season and similar numbers are expected again this year. if you have a consumer story idea and give us a call or head to watch. today our volunteers helped and 80 year-old woman that could not get her contractors to fix a tile on her staircase, she had been trying for a very long time and finally the volunteers were able to get it fixed. >> that stuff is rewarding. >> thankyou. >> coming up, the latest on the
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shooting of a highway patrol officer and how the investigation is impacting the commute. >> democratic national convention officially underway, why california's outspoken party chief last and came back home? >> taking their fight,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> back to our top story, one
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man is dead, a chp officer is critically hurt after a rush hour shootout on a busy east bay freeway this morning. it happened during a traffic stop on interstate 680 in alamo, investigators are still on the scene between walnut creek and danville. here's christin ayers with the latest. >> that officer is still hospitalized at this moment and it is said that he is in critical condition and meanwhile the man that is suspected of killing him, of shooting him during that traffic stop on 680, has indeed died. authorities tell us that the officer had told the suspect over on the highway around 8:30 a.m. when the suspect opened fire on the officer. a second officer was able to pull to the scene and then shot the suspect-and he was pronounced dead this afternoon. the incident shut down highway 680 in both directions for a short time today, by this evening at least one lane had opened but there were still delays. some traffic out to be rerouted
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to 24. authorities say that they're still investigating the incident including asking some questions about why the officer that was shot, why his patrol car was in front of the suspects' vehicle instead of behind it, they are investigating that and also looking at some-camera video that they have of the shooting. many questions tonight as again that officer is in critical condition after being shot today. >> thankyou. >> the democratic party kicking off its national convention in charlotte n.c. tonight, the biggest draw is the first lady who gives a keynote speech tonight. political reporter grace lee is here with a preview. >> we all know that the first lady is extremely popular and much like the wife of mitt romney, considered to be a huge asset. tonight democrats hope to capitalize on her likability and highlight her husband's achievements as a leader. randall pinkston is live in
6:29 pm
charlotte with the very latest. >> grace, not only will they be counting on michelle obama but also counting on a long list of speakers. we have heard an enthusiastic crowd only as they gave a full throated defense of the president's health care act known as obama care by republicans. and they have given example after example of his leadership ability, something else that republicans criticized last week in tampa. but the headliner, a first lady, she will reintroduce her husband to american voters. the democratic national convention is officially underway. michelle obama headlines the first night of big speeches. >> i think that she is dynamic, and i'm just excited. >> she is proud to display her admiration. >> i am wearing my tribute to michelle obama. >> she expects the first lady to appeal to women voters. >> as a representative of women,
6:30 pm
she has been outstanding. >> at a rally in virginia the president said that he will watch his wife's speech on television with their daughters. >> whenever i say today, it is going to be, at best, a distant second to the speech that you will hear tonight from the start of the obama family, michelle obama. >> will introduce mrs. obama. >> i will talk about what it is like to be a military mother and how much value that joe biden and mrs. obama care about families like mine. >> the speakers taking the podium will be talking up the president's accomplishments and highlighting differences with republicans. delegates approved the party platform that back same-sex marriage and abortion rights, this congressman says that women's issues are important to the president. >> he has been the one that has stood up for reproductive rights for women, he is the one who has been consistently out there,
6:31 pm
trying to make sure that women get equal pay. >> democrats hope that that message will reach voters outside of the convention hall. and as they begin their convention, democrats have some good news from the gallup poll people. last week's speech by mitt romney and why paul ryan did not give them a bounce in the polls. of course, no one knows what is going to happen with president obama and his vice-president and this convention is over, but we're all waiting to see, reporting live in charlotte, back to you guys. >> yes we're waiting for these goals, we heard some much about ann romney at the republican convention, or one job was to a humanize her husband. if there's one thing that the first lady needs to achieve tonight, what would that be? >> i do not think is the same kind of job for michelle obama as it was for ann romney. people already know president obama and they see him as a family man but what she will do is build on the gender gap,
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earlier tonight we had all the women from congress on stage, a number of female speakers throughout the night hoping to convince more women to support her husband, as well as all voters. but i really think that is what her principal mission will be, to build on that gender gap. >> we will be watching, thank you. a fall on a story that we brought you yesterday, after a controversial comment at the convention, the chair of california's democratic party is coming home, party leaders say that john burton has left the convention and return to california for a " long scheduled root canal ". that is the official line, he made headlines on monday by comparing republicans to the third reich propaganda leader. he apologized in an exclusive cbs interview later. we will be following all of the events of the democratic national convention, through thursday when the president accepts his nomination. for updates follow us
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in the meantime the republican presidential candidate mitt romney has no campaign stops this week, he is in vermont preparing for upcoming debates this fall. >> thank you. faculty have approved a four year contract. it will preserve current working emissions and benefits. but the faculty will not get a pay raise. this ends years of contentious bargaining with the administration. there has been an ongoing issue over salary and class size and faculty stability. faculty members have been working without a contract for the past two and a half years. >> san fransisco voters being asked to throw a lifeline to city college of san fransisco, students and faculty take off their push to pass proposition 8 today. mike sugerman is here on the campus sales pitch. >> not all 100,000 students at city college of san francisco were in an english class, but it
6:34 pm
sometimes seems that way. >> the first time that i meet and sow's to have 31 students in my composition class, so that we have time to grade papers into all of that work but generally there are at least 50 trying to get into the room. >> 100,000 students makes this the largest college campus in the country, the college of last resort for those that can make it this far, it is in real money trouble. >> we're talking about half an hour too great a paper, it is not that we can just cram more students into the room and hope to get the kind of quality education want to give them. >> supporters of a ballot measure to raise $195 million for city college, proposition 8, open their campaign today, it is a tax on property, home owners, this is not the only tax increase that they have been asked to approve, there's one on the state level, a couple on the state level, one would raise taxes on those making more than a quarter of a million dollars and a sales tax on california
6:35 pm
good stuff. is this a good time to be asking people for a tax increase? >> this is a very bad time. >> she is a republican in the state senate and says that city college has been accused of massive mismanagement of funds over the past several years, so to give more money seems pointless and only charging property owners? >> it only targets one-third of the voters that are actually property owners in the city and does not cost anything to the majority of voters. >> it would average $79 per year for a home owning household in the city. >> $79 per year is about $8 per month, 2 c. of coffee. >> he says it is not that much. mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> ahead, why taxpayers are paying for a convicted killers sex change? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> developing news out of southern california tonight, the williams fire in the angeles national forest is down 15 percent contained. the fire continues to rage throughout hard to reach canyons, crews are dealing with steve trains and strong winds and high temperatures. the wildfire burned over 3,600 a. since breaking out of the weekend. fire managers say it will take another week to get it fully contained. >> this weekend will mark two years since a pg&e pipeline exploded, killing eight people in san bruno. more than 50 people were also hurt in that last and 38 homes were destroyed. today the mayor and state assemblyman updated the public on the recovery, they also talk
6:39 pm
about legislation to prevent a similar disaster in california. >> the reality is, it is too late for us, it is too late for the neighborhood, and too late for our neighbors. but putting legislation like this in place, just in time to keep another neighborhood from having this type of disaster. >> the city will hold a remembrance ceremony sunday night at san bruno city park to mark the two-year anniversary of the blast. in los angeles, space history is coming to town, why the last trip for the iendeavor is sending anger into the stratosphere. >> a lot of you at the coast are wondering " where is the sun shined? ". it is september after all, coming up and whether we will talk about the prospects for sunshine, not only at the coast but for all the bay area, things are changing as soon as tomorrow. >> and dennis o'donnell, digging deep to stay on top. we will tell you why jim harbaugh all left 49ers practice
6:40 pm
early today and the most famou,,
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>> new tonight, san francisco police have made an arrest in a diamond heights murder case. 45 year-old james reckless has been charged for the death of a hair stylist found dead inside of his apartment back in june. according to police, a suspect met him in a bar the morning of homicide and a two took a taxi cab back to his apartment and witnesses helped piece this case together. >> a convicted murderer in massachusetts serving life in prison, and getting a gendered change surgery on taxpayer dollars. a judge ruled the person must be treated for " serious medical me ". it is believed to be the first case where a judge has ordered a sexual reassignment surgery for an inmate. >> los angeles treating the trees for the stars and not
6:44 pm
everyone is happy, crews are chopping down and trimming hundreds of trees to make room for a space shuttle expected to arrive next week. officials promise to replace the trees to 41 but as dave lopez explains, some people are still not happy with that plan. >> there goes another tree in englewood to make way for the space shuttle iendeavor. >> i had no idea that there would be removing those beautiful trees. >> these trees once dotted the center divider. and now this is the landscape, 128 tree stumps, not to mention a couple of 100 year-old trees, gone on crenshaw boulevard in this englewood city limit. >> it is sad because that is part of the history. >> the mayor says that this will turn out to be a good thing for the city .. >> we are participating in a
6:45 pm
part of history that can never be recreated, and in addition to that we will get a new and more green englewood. >> for every tree chopped down to will be planted in its place not to mention a new irrigation system and besides, it is a historical event, the endeavor going through the streets of and what on its way to the california science center, down manchester and up crenshaw, a ride on martin luther king to its final destination, to something that big reasons had to be done. >> we have streetlights and traffic signs and traffic signals and some trees. >> some trees? >> this is just for starters, there are a lot of trees that will bite the dust, just like this one. >> no, this is the last a black stronghold in this community. >> the reaction, we could not get an exact number as to how many trees in all will be cut down. some say as many as 400.
6:46 pm
but we were told by the contractor that every tree that has a white sun on it, like this, is gone. and there were a lot of white signs. >> move it to do not cut it down. >> don't move it, leave it right there. >> no on-camera comment from the science center, just a statement saying " priority was always to preserve trees, for every tree removed, two more will be planted with higher-quality trees and we will make additional improvements to beautify the cities. >> and this justin, to the cbs 5 newsroom, we're told that all lanes of 680 are back open tonight. this is a picture of traffic as it was earlier, when all lanes were closed. chp has now opened that, it was a crime scene because of that officer involved shooting. an officer now in critical condition tonight in the hospital. the driver that he had pulled over with shot and killed, all lanes of 680 are now open.
6:47 pm
>> meteorologist paul deanno back to talk about the weather coming up, in just the past hour we have really seen the clouds behind us, >> you can see the change of the marine layer getting sicker, being shoved in land and a lot of you have gone from sunday to cloudy in short order. even in the inland spots, you will go from sunny to cloudy coming up over the next 24 hours and a lot of the living along the coast, it has been a rough pattern for you, you have been cloudy every day and every night, wondering when the wind will shift to the offshore wind that we often get this time of year? not yet, it is certainly coming but not yet, you will stay cloudy for the foreseeable future. there is that shot with the clouds invading the bay bridge and pushing into the bay with temperatures dropping, oakland down to 68 in san fransisco in the city down to 58, san jose dropping down to 71, that is warm but much cooler than yesterday when we were in the low ninety's. high-definition doppler radar looking at the south bay, all
6:48 pm
dry right now but a slight chance, very slight chance of late day thunderstorm tomorrow and that is noteworthy because typically this is the most right time of year, this evening sting cloudy at the coast, mainly clear but the fog marching in line with mid-60's for the bay, england is not as warm but mainly clear, your changes coming up tomorrow. speaking of changes, loss of tropical moisture piling into southern california east of los angeles for real flood warnings, numerous thunderstorms boiling up over arizona, that is where the school of tropical moisture will stay but just a little bit of it will make a few hundred miles further north into error area and that will increase the clouds for all buss beginning tomorrow. introducing a slight chance of a late day thunderstorm not only for tomorrow but also for thursday. let's play up the futurecast, if you're getting up early to get your kids to the bus stop and chances are you'll be fine. fog in mind but look what happens from 7:00 a.m. until 2:00 in the afternoon.
6:49 pm
that is not rainfall but futurecast is picking up a lot of cloud cover throughout the bay area and we will see that cloud cover persist for a couple days as the moister gets thrown from that tropical systems several hundred miles to the south and will mature by tomorrow. fog moving inland, staying fog at the coast, we'll all get cloud cover late in the day tomorrow with that's like thunderstorm chance. checking in tomorrow evening, to see what is going on with the radar because we may have activity for the first time in about a week for a week and a half, santa clara, your high 79, fremont 77 and los altos topping out at 72. san ramon mere 94 walnut creek, conquered 88, and venetia 77 for the high. near napa we're looking at a high in the upper seventies and low '80s. sausalito tomorrow only 65 and even in san fransisco we could see a late day thunderstorm tomorrow with highs in the mid- 60's. keeping it kind of cloudy
6:50 pm
through thursday with that's light late day thunderstorm. then that moister moves out and we get back to the good stuff for early september, highs around 90 inland and low seventies for the bay and the coast will stay cloudy for a while even through the weekend,
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>> it is not often that you will see jim harbaugh leaving the team's facility in the middle of a workday, but he definitely had a good excuse to do that today. there he is, he says goodbye to his players in the locker room, leaving practice to be by his wife's side as she has a baby, it will be his sixth child. the 49ers took their team photograph without him half an hour later he is done for the year, he confirmed that he tore his left tricep and will be out for the season, his replacement is clark hagen's and he says that he will do anything just to be on this football team. >> it was unfortunate what happened to them. but wherever they see implying, if they need me to launch that kick, or filter water bottles, i will do it.
6:54 pm
>> it helps us because we are used to playing with him being in the game, during the rundowns and things like that. but it is a chance for another young guy to step up and fill in that role. >> also this weekend, don nelson will be enshrined into the basketball hall of fame in springfield mass., a wild 50 year run for nelson, he played 14 seasons in the nba as part of a 5 championship team hist in the celtics dynasty but that was just a start, he became the nba's all-time most winning coach, many of those victories coming with the warriors. he told me sunday on game day that his good fortune started when he was still playing, and cut, by the lakers. >> i am sitting at in illinois, having no job, and i got a call, i have been the luckiest guy in the world. >> what did he see in your game that he thought that you might be a good complement to the star players? >> actually we were in the finals with the lakers when jury
6:55 pm
west carried the team there, we got into the finals, played the celtics, and we had so many injuries that i had to play a lot. and so he's had seen me play and liked what i was doing, i played a lot of different positions because we had injuries. and when i finally got wave he was looking, and he gave me a call. >> isn't that amazing? talk about being in the right place at the right time, you get five nba championship rings out of the deal? >> my whole life has been like that, my coaching career started that way, i retired from the celtics, i thought i would be a referee, i got a call from the milwaukee bucks and he said " one not come by an interview for the coaching job down here, larry costello is looking for an assistant, would you be interested? i got on the next airplane. >> so coaching was not your original aspirations? >> i never thought about it, i did not know anyone other than
6:56 pm
the celtics coaches. i did not even know how to audition. >> you are sitting a drink and the sun is going down and willie nelson looks over and says, what is the one best memory of your nba career? >> my best memory would be to take bad teams, and make good ones out of them. i did that every place i went except for new york. and i'm more proud of that than anything. and the development of those players, the talented young players coming in, watching them develop as human beings and better players, that is the gift that i have. >> truly is a gift. boss purpos oscar asturias, here is going for his third straight bowl, but palin oliveira blew past him, he was stunned, and complained that he was using blades that were illegal, too
6:57 pm
long. after cooling down, he apologized saying that he would never want to detract from another man's olympic moments of triumph. but he was so shocked because after the race he said " i have never lost in the 200 m ". and he could not fathom that he had actually lost for the first time. >> i'm trying to picture don nelson as a referee. that is like john mcenroe being a line judge in tennis to leave >> you can bet that he would take on every rookie nba player. he is loving life, he mentioned willie nelson and they're both retired and living in mallee. they hang out together and drink scotch. having a good time. good stuff.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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